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Why do I need Eavestrough on my house?

When it rains the water that flows off the roof lands around the house and can be very damaging to anything in its way, such as a wood or concrete deck or walkway, a heat pump, a flower garden, and more importantly your foundation. The water eventually erodes the soil around the foundation and re-slopes the grade towards the house. Water is then directed towards the foundation, freezes in the winter, cracks the foundation and then eventually makes its way into the basement of your home causing costly repairs. By simply installing proper eavestrough on your house you can avoid all these problems.

Let the pros do their job

Some people think gutters can be a DIY project. Most DIY gutters are plastic and come in standard sections of about 10 to 12 feet. Plastic gets brittle, especially in the cold, and will need to be replaced. That’s why aluminum is the industry standard for gutters. It never rusts, unlike steel, and it’s weather resistant, unlike plastic. We also want to use a thick gauge for all metal gutters. The thicker the gauge, the longer they’ll last. When gutters are built in sections, there’s going to be seams, and seams can leak. And believe me, if it can leak, it will. That’s why I only recommend seamless eavestrough. We use a forming machine to construct seamless eavestrough — custom-sized to fit the length of any roof. It’s the only way an eavestrough should be done and it’s the only way to prevent leaks. We also make sure the entire eavestrough is pitched correctly. Otherwise, water won’t drain properly. You want something that’s going to last. You don’t want something you’ll have to replace after the first winter. Doing it right the first time means we don’t have to do it again. You always need to bring in the right people for the right job, so that's where we come in!

Why do I need Leaf Covers?

The problem with eavestrough is that they can easily get clogged by leaves, branches, tennis balls, bird nests, and numerous other types of debris bringing you back to the same problems when you did not have eavestrough. To improve the efficiency of your gutters you must either clean them yourself, have them cleaned at least twice a year by a professional, or you can simply have proper leaf covers installed.


Before the temperature drops below freezing, our gutters need to be clear of any debris. If eavestrough and downspouts are clogged, two things will happen: First, any debris and water caught in the eavestrough will freeze into a channel of frozen muck. This will overload the eavestrough and eventually it will warp (remember, water expands as it freezes). Keeping it clean and avoid any damage making last a lifetime!

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